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  1. Nice. I do something similar, but carry – ye gods! – a paper list. I tend to worry I won’t be able to access it on my phone, where I’m somewhat dependent on a good signal, or that I’ll retrieve it quickly enough. Surely to some degree generational, but it has proven to be prudent a few times, when out of the country and without wifi during hotel check in or at the reception desk of an airport lounge. But the overall strategy echoes what I do too.

    • Paper?! Yeah, I try to make it tech based so that after loading up the data it takes over, and nudges me to remember… other than that, same idea.

  2. As my Mlife Plat was a match from Hyatt Platinum which was matched from SPG Platinum when I called to get the bennies I was told I was not eligible as it was a status match. Fair enough I’m not going to push for something I did not earn and not entitled to. I did try, once onboard, at the casino. They took the card number and said they’d get back to me. They did, after checking and seeing I was not eligible, let me know that I am not entitled to the drinks, dinner, etc.
    They did let me charge 3k a day at the casino to my room which I did and walked off with 9900.00 in cash. (Had to keep it under 10k for C&I forms) combine that with my Small onboard spend and I garnered 30k URs worth 450.00 in airline redemption.
    I have a friend that works at Celebrity and he did give me a bunch of freebies.
    I hope you enjoy it, I did not but then again I am use to luxury ships, under 1k guests and usually cruise of 650 or less guests and all inclusive ones. That being said, if you don’t mind people everywhere and head banging music at the pool you’ll have fun, It’s especially great for the kiddies. MIne started sailing at 18 months and have 30 cruises under their belts. Enjoy.

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