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  1. You wouldn’t get 20%off the mixer if you paid with Kohl’s cash. Discounts are taken after Kohl’s cash is applied. If you used $280 of Kohl’s cash you would get a discount of 20% off of$69, the amount of the purchase price remaining after applying Kohl’s cash.

    • Also are you saying there isnt state tax in Florida? Its 6% state sales tax here. Wouldnt BillyBob pay 230 +6% tax? This whole scenario is messed up from start to finish

      • LOL good point! But it doesn’t matter… it’s all COGS. I’ll update it so that people don’t get as confused as you were.

    • A valid point, StartSpreadingTheLove. But if you close your eyes and think real hard, you can apply the concept to other points or miles 🙂

  2. This is an interesting post, especially since I used to work at Kohl’s (their world HQ, not a store or distribution center) in IS-Marketing, and was on the team that designed Kohl’s loyalty program. I have always followed the “spend funny money first” philosophy, but I can see the alternative now. Back when I worked for Kohl’s, I was a little bit naive about a lot of this, TBH. Thanks.

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