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  1. 32% said no way?! Haha.

    Two thoughts:

    1) being the always on parent is exhausting, but it also is an amazing bonding experience, even when and sometimes because things go terribly. I know you probably know this already from experience but in case there are some parents on the fence about trying it. Now that we have two kids I actually prefer splitting the kids, making both of us “always on” but increasing bonding, though YMMV of course.

    2) when you don’t have to worry about a kid “sticking their tongue into the nearest outlet”, middle seat coach might as well be Emirates F if you ask me.

    Fun post!

  2. I’m biased of course because I travel solo for two weeks every other year- 2016 being my 4th trip. For us it was an easy decision as Deal Dad saw the life draining out of me after 7 years of stay at home parenthood.

    It’s not just about appreciation- it’s also about respect. If you respect full time parenting as a career choice, then it makes sense to offer an occasional break from it.

  3. “Allow”? Seriously? That would be the day my husband told me or I told him that I am not “allowing” this or that

    Being left “holding the baby” sounds really resentful. It use to drive me nuts when I was traveling for work or pleasure by myself and a person would ask if my husband was babysitting? Ahhh, no. He was being a parent, a full time joyful experience whether it was just him or just me or both of us with the family. Yes it’s work and you deal with it

  4. Being single and pretty much doing what I want, when I want now, I had to reflect back on those days of full time parenting as a single mom to relate to this. All I did was work and then be with my son when I wasn’t working. I would have gladly taken that Southwest middle seat and it would have been incredible. When I was married, I would not have been “allowed” to travel on my own but those days have changed. Now, I travel all the time and frequently meet other travelers who are married and traveling solo. In Bogota recently, we met up with four other travelers and all of them were traveling without their spouses. You just have to pick the right spouse if you have wanderlust. Great read, Matt.

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