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  1. about a month ago my wife’s new car would not start-it was in our garage. I called Chase Sapphire Reserve card and they agreed to send someone out right away and said someone would be there in about 55 minutes. They outsourced the service. The truck with a jump arrived over 95 minutes from when I originally called. The service was just fine except for underestimating how long it would take the driver to arrive.

  2. So did it end up being cheaper than if you had a AAA Plus membership? $85/year in TX and comes with 100 miles of towing. I’m a bit cheap to get it myself but I do hear good things about it from friends driving older cars.

  3. Careful with using auto insurance roadside assistance “benefits”. Many insurers will count this as a “claim” resulting in increase raise and/or denial of renewals.

  4. I had AAA for over 35 years and discontinued it for a couple with my latest Camry which came with 2 years of roadside assistance, but will be going with AAA again in January. Sometimes I’ve gone 5-6 years without using, but it is worth the peace of mind.

      • You don’t mention AAA in your write up. Have you had a bad experience with them in the past, where they were ‘useless’?

        I have always had good experiences with AAA. I drive older cars, so it is worth it for me to pay the AAA annual fee for the extra peace of mind, so long as the service is adequate. It always has been adequate when I have needed it. If memory serves, I’ve only used it for lockouts, never a roadside stranding, maybe one every other year. Someone has usually arrived within an hour.

        In addition, on the few fully paid hotel stays I have each year, there is the AAA discount of $10 or so per night.

        • Sorry, I mixed them up with Allstate, I’ve not had a bad experience with them. But I don’t necessarily trust them after this last experience with the other players.

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