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  1. Matt, i appreciate the in-depth posts. I’m a true churner. Most of my MS is to meet min spend. I’m in two player mode and we sign up for 5 to 10 new cards every 3 months. I frequently have min spends of $15k-$20k every 3 months. My current method for MS makes me a cash profit of around $11.10 for every $1500 with trips to WM. That does not include the points gained. I would not consider paying for MS unless I was really in a bind. Seems to me the biggest determining factor of whether or not to pay to MS is your access to headache free MOs. This includes proximity as well. I have a WM located 1/2 miles from my work. I use my 30 min lunch break to run through up to $3k in MOs. As an example. For me to MS 15k will require 5 trips to WM at $3k each time. I will net $111 cash profit. Your 3% method would have cost you $450 for the same amt. So I am $561 ahead there. Your 3% method was also not without having to stand in line, so you have time invested as well. For me WM trips like today are combined with grocery shopping trips so the added time for me to MS was less than 10 minutes today. If I was in a rush and needed to do some fast MS, I’d probably go with Simmon [email protected] There I’d have a cost of about 0.8% which is alot better than 3%. It seems to come down to how much you value your time, and what kind of MS you have access to. I dont think it is that complicated.

    • Time = Money.

      But the interesting thing is that what I’m doing may be the future of ‘travel hacking’ … if everything goes away (no more Giftcards or MOs etc, etc) and there is nothing really left, there should still be a 3% route, and that route is profitable.

      Remember, my method did not cost money, it saved money. The only way for your way to make money is to add in hours worked.

  2. I still think you are leaving 30-50k in after tax net profit on the table by not MSing. Not the glory days but for part time work its still not too bad.

    • For sure.

      But I could also make $40-50K from this site if I had pushed it hard into credit cards.

      Or I could make $40-50K from selling life insurance.

      Not that I don’t need the money, just that I’m making different choices with a different end game in mind.

      My biggest thing against MS, even at those figures, is the lack of equity. It is pure dollar per hour. I like gigs that have that plus equity, IE building an ethical business, which pays some income, and also in the long run might have its own intrinsic value.

      • Yes, you are correct. Especially on the CC pushing on the site. Not sure you can make 50k selling insurance part time (10-15hrs a week) though. Thats tough sledding

  3. Matt-Are you still in grad school? MBA? How do you pay for school?
    I totally get what you are doing here, I am in MBA program with kids and work FT. There is nothing more valuable than time with family and passing expensive courses. Nothing is really worth taking away from that.

    • Not grad school, but yes, still studying… probably have a requirement of a couple of hours a day right now, more at peak times around exams etc.

  4. I have been buying gift cards at GCM with cash back portal and using that to pay for tuition to meet min spends on new sign ups. I know I’ll be in school for another year and am timing CC sign ups with vacations with GC purchases.

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