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  1. I matched to mLife Platinum from Hyatt Diamond. I wonder how much gambling and at what minimum table game bet it would take to move up to Noir and qualify for a cruise?

  2. Those are great news, Matt. Thanks for the update. Now, we are planning our own social engineering as well.
    I might try getting a haircut too, but those are luckily free for me already.

  3. Matt – Could you elaborate or point me to an article about the “theory” you reference at the top of this post? I’ve gotten the Platinum mLife status match via Hyatt Diamond. Not sure about the next steps.

    Also, could you tell me a bit more about the NCL “free” cruise and you how you got it? I’m trying to send my parents on a very similar cruise on NCL. Any advice would be awesome. Thanks man!

    • It’s nothing to do with status, it’s not a match, it is appearing to be a highly attractive player and getting paid off for that. You do need to play.

      • You can earn mLife points by spending on hotels, spas, restaurant and charging them to the room, not just gambling. My quick two night trip to the Mandalay Bay and earned 18000+ mLife points (as well as Hyatt points) The room rate was only $175 for one night (and free the second night on hyatt points) but added spa visit, restaurants and earned quite a bit of points. 3 to 4 nights stay probably would have earned me over 50k points.

        If you go to MGM properties a lot, you could possibly get to Platinum by earning mLife points other than gambling.

        • To repeat: it has nothing to do with earning Platinum. Earning Platinum (or Noir) is not the goal.

          If you want the published Platinum benefits, then absolutely, earn them however you like, but I’m trying to earn unpublished benefits, such as getting a cruise when I shouldn’t.

  4. If you are mLife Plat due to Hyatt Dia match, I realize you do not get the free cruise.

    But … do you get the other cruise line benefits (such as Priority Check-in, Welcome Amenity, etc)?

    • I think I just found the answer on the Royal Caribbean website – “Crown & Anchor Society members that earned M life tier through our partnership tier match are not eligible to receive onboard partnership benefit”

      • Yep, I’m wondering whether I should actually match to Platinum, it might be interesting to play with that as I’m earned to gold.. I think there might be opportunity beyond the terms.

  5. Matt – clearly you’re being deliberately (and perhaps appropriately) cryptic but this post is just a tease (and a frustrating one) to those of us who didn’t see your presentation and whose direct questions you aren’t answering.

    Can you tell us what this theory you’ve put into practice is or not?

    • I’m not trying to be deliberately cryptic, it’s just too much of a pain in the arse to explain in writing- it requires rethinking everything you know about status. I hate the idea of wasting people’s time trying to puzzle it out, so will try to find a way to explain it better in a post soon.

      • So, the way I’m reading the points earning chart, you played $750,000 worth of video poker, or ran $225,000 through slots or potentially less through table games.

        I think you should let your readers know which method you used. I get the average 90-99% return of money, and I get you used to work in a casino.

        Agree with the cryptic comment. Just say what you actually did and let people decide if it is for them or not.

        • I’ve explained more in a more recent post to try to address this. I believe the coin in was about $55k from slots.

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