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  1. At the moment, I do mostly online arbitrage. But I avoid like crazy buying anything that shows up on the sale aggregators. Or BB Flash Sale, for that matter.

    I’ve spent time finding smaller, but reliable sites where, even if there are other resellers that use them, there are not enough to drive the price down terribly. My favorite saying, courtesy of Trevor, is “Match the Buy Box. Don’t undercut. MATCH.”

    Best of luck at this, Matt. My next step is the licensing as a wholesaler, because, like you, I know that selling a whole lot of one to five items is less time consuming and more rewarding.

  2. I think you are missing your niche here…as a tax pro you should set up a company where you give advice to FBA sellers on how to handle taxes. Not many out there that do it currently. Or sell an ebook with general fba tax info to go the passive income route.

    • Yep, part of the reason for me reselling is to determine how much time drain would be required to manage such a client, and what pain points they have. I’m living the experience in order to decide if it is worth taking on directly, or if the book idea might be better.

      I’m using me as guinea pig.

  3. Matt, what do you mean that ppl are probably paying a ton in taxes they shouldn’t be? Anything specific come to mind? Curious.

    It’s definitely hard and a time suck sometimes finding deals. Think a group of ppl sharing is good, but unless ppl you know are already in the game or are a blogger (no offense) it’s hard to find them. I’ve had bad luck in the past and only decent option seems something like the resellingdo.

    But I’m working on my resume to send over now so be on the lookout 😉

    • Taxes are optional when running a business.

      As for the network, I tell people constantly that L2 is a place to audition, and people do get picked up from there.

      Look forward to the resume 🙂

      • You’re right on both. I started awhile back to get some posts in, but trailed off. Will have to get back in on it so I can attach my resume to the L2 request…

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