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  1. Is this satire, or are you serious? 😏

    Interestingly, he’s only got one comment on that post. People must be busy signing up.

  2. Matt, Thanks for following I learned a lesson about Wounded Warriors whom I have supported for years. Sounds like they are taking 40% for operating expenses according to another commenter. Time to switch my allegiance

    Oh BTW, My lifetime earnings on Ebates $135

    Nice try.

    • Oh yeah Ingy, pointing out how you “only” have 27 (27×5=135) lifetime referrals makes your exploitation of veterans so much more “respectable”. <–SARCASM If I had respect for you it would have been lost with this trash move but alas you lost it all a long time ago.

    • Prove it Ingy, post your dashboard earnings from ebates and prove us all wrong… Because your post reads as donate $100 keep the rest as profit.

  3. I applaud you, Matt, with a smile on my face. I appreciate that you “out” these bloggers who just want to line their pockets.

    It’s just another reason I never read FTG.

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