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  1. I love this stuff. We agree on so many financial points but some things are muddy for me. Your posts always give me food for thought.

  2. Your posts are always so intelligent and insightful! Raised with a “frugal” father, it is difficult to break the habit of trying to find the cheapest, barebones method of doing anything. Groupons, living social, local coupon books, and of course, miles and points. You had a post..something about if its less than $20 but reduces stress, do it. I have learned this from you and now I stop and think. My brain jumps from the automatic cheap mode to “what do I really want here?” And of course, being seniors now it is easily financially possible. I want to die broke…giving kids living inheritances, etc. In fact, there is a great book of the same title outlining a great strategy. Thank you Matt for sharing you knowledge and writing skills with the rest of us peons.

    • I was raised the same way, and it really does require going back to those days and breaking habits.

      We often fail to recognize just how much of our operating system was built incorrectly, albeit with good intentions, so changing the way we see things and act upon them does require a lot of introspection.

      Glad that you enjoyed the post!

  3. I enjoyed the post too, but like Christine some things are muddy for me. Most of all the $1,000 dinner example being cheaper than grocery shopping. I read that as valuing experiences above savings, which I would agree with, but you specifically say they’re spending more money than you…

    I don’t know. Food for thought, certainly, and good stuff to jolt the reader out of the box.

      • The dinner is free, due to the Framework.

        I do value experiences very highly, so my goal is to find ways to enjoy them ‘freely’.

        • Perhaps I’m being dense and you said it, but I’m not following the free dinner part. Knowing what i do about you, I don’t think you’re dropping a grand on dinner. Is it part of the comps or is something else at work here?

        • Well, I have dropped a grand on dinner in the past, but it’s certainly something I seek to avoid! Yes it’s comps.

  4. Great post.

    What’s the “way that part time resellers could put $53K into roth”?

    I searched your blog and came up empty. Did you write a post about it?

    • I’ve not written about it. It’s basically a very specific plan document that starts out after tax 401k and converts to Roth 401k inside the account. You can have one for each distinct business line you operate, so you could in theory have 5 or 10 such plans in tandem.

      I found a unique Third Party Admin via my wealth management business

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