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    • Just looked it up- seems that the Bloomberg guys approached people on Reddit via DM and they built the story from that… interesting world we live in.

    • By the way I love PointsMD because they seem to be doing it to help people and they’re my sons! I can tell them apart too! Good article!

      • You can? Crikey.. Yeah they seem like good people- point being, why are they good people while Sam is not, and where does Omar fit into all this? Complicated stuff.

  1. Most sensible, even-handed, non-diatribe commentary on this subject I’ve read yet. If I had to sum this whole subject up, I would lean towards the biblical phrase “let him who is without sin cast the first stone.” As you point out, bloggers, trolls, passive followers…etc., we are ALL in this for our own advantage to one degree or another. Definitely shades of grey all ’round. (Some are just distinctly darker than others!) (Whoops there I go again…)

  2. Matt, please stop, I wont read more of your stuff just because you give out compliments left and right 🙂 On a more serious note, the bloomberg article does mention at least one blogger who contributed. I have heard of at least another one doing an article with Personal Finance magazine. I guess everyone is cashing in at the expense of everybody else.

    • Correct, and his site is LOADED with affiliate links. He does an interview to drive traffic and profit from it.

  3. This is the funniest thing I’ve read in a blog for a long time:

    “After all, our blogs are to teach our family and friends about how inferior their lifestyle is, and a blog is one of the only ways to do that passive aggressively.”



  4. Its an interesting dynamic. What does getting published in Business Insider or Forbes get one? Ego? I totally get the folks with affiliate marketing, but if you don’t have affiliate links, you just get more hits… It could just be that I haven’t figured out this whole SEO / Ad revenue thing…

  5. Calling an Asian man a ‘yellow rat bastard’ isn’t my favorite look of yours. Measure twice, cut once bro

  6. Matt excellent post with food for thought. I
    Chris biblical phrase “let him who is without sin cast the first stone.” would read better if it was “Senator, we are all part of the same hypocrisy”
    am not doing this as long as many people here but the 57 k & 100k trips are not hard to accomplish. You know these guys could not have grown up in Brooklyn or they would know to keep their mouths shut what you are working a good angle. 🙂

  7. The problem started when the old time MSers were pulling in net 100k+ a yr and bloggers realized they could make multiples of that w/o ever having to MS at all. Higher paying and easier work. Their needs out trumped the MSers needs and fast forward to being here now.

    • Yep – but you can’t really blame the pimps for shilling cards. Plenty of ridiculously stupid people clicked those links because they were too lazy to use Google…

      Thankfully sanity has been somewhat restored due to the myriad shutdowns. Only a few diehard old hands still MSing…the legions of 20-Something noobs who came out of the woodwork when VRs and BB/Redcard were available have mostly left the game. Sadly, as you point out, the days of $100K/yr cashback have vanished in their wake. Pity.

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