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  1. I put my vote in, but unfortunately will not be able to make it to Friday night drinks unless you guys keep it going past midnight (or I get my flight switched…). I’m sure you’ll keep everyone updated on Twitter, so I’ll look out for any late night guys if someone wants to meet up for a nightcap.

    Can’t wait for the conference and to meet everybody.


    p.s. Why can’t I subscribe to comments here? You expect me to just keep checking the page over and over again?

  2. Do you know if the Travel Codex folks will be sending an email to ticket holders re: the Sat dinner or will it be more informal and announced on Saturday?

    Is this different from a brunch that was suggested on one of the andrewdoronin TravelCon threads? Maybe those folks should join forces with whatever Scott has in mind?

  3. I voted for Dick’s but I don’t know where any of these places is from the Monte Carlo since I am walking everywhere from the Days Inn I am staying at. I figure to walk after the conference and then eventually end up at the airport. Flying out early on Sunday but can fly and sleep so that is cool.

  4. So sad to say it but I don’t think I can make this one. TravelCon Orange County was awesome and I vaguely remember Mike (as in Pat & Mike) running out to buy alcohol twice and then some other stuff that shall not be spoken of…

    Have fun!

  5. Likewise I get in at 8, but will head to wherever you end up deciding upon to see if you are still going strong. Staying at the MC (Hyatt points and cash!)

    • Good stuff. Not sure where, Friday I plan to bail a touch earlier than Sat, beauty sleep and all that.. But hope we can all connect on Twitter or email to meet up.

      • Matt,
        Can you check if I am as dumb as I think I am? I’m sure I bought a ticket pretty much as soon as this was announced. I then booked travel. But your prompt to vote made me look for my ticket confirmation and I couldn’t find it. So I bought another ticket. Did I really buy 2 or was the 1st one just something that I thought I did? I wouldn’t put it past me!


        • I’m actually nothing to do with this event, all these posts are me trying to help the guys make it a hit.

          I’d suggest pinging Tahsir and Omar.

  6. BTW, if the place ends up being Todd’s English, they have a Happy Hour from 3-6pm so if you get there early, you can get half price beer and wine. Also some discounted snacks.

    http://toddenglishpub (dot) com/file/d3bd7202-5c64-4779-a719-8f1448644c83

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