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  1. Product change to the fee free business blue card. It takes up a slot, but it is a great long term companion to AMEX EveryDay.

  2. So…is this a post that basically asks “is it worth it to get a 75k MR bonus, after $5k in spend, when I know I’m going to have to call to cancel the card in a year AND have to switch my (insert bill) to a different card”?

    If I haven’t missed the point/overly simplified this, then it’s hard for me to come to a conclusion that the 75k bonus is NOT worth it. 10 minutes to cancel. 15-20 minutes to change a few bills to a different card. 30 minutes of future work for 75k MR points (and the $5k spend). The $5k in initial spend seems like the barrier that needs to be paid-attention too, not the cancelling of the card.

    If the point is just to make sure your readers are aware of the future “hassle” of a card, then, thanks, I guess,… just seems like a very miniscule thing to worry about relative the gains earned.

    • My point was to highlight how we today think we are ‘earning’ money by saving money, but that is misleading when the need to take action in order to save was created by ourselves. If we consider how many times and ways we create future work, and then ignore that we caused this work, a more efficient system may emerge.

      The end result of all the ‘deals’ might be that you fill your day with calls to save money (earn money) but before you know it you’re so wrapped up in things that you aren’t able to produce, and are stuck in maintenance mode.

  3. “what do I do with my $175 lesson?”

    Sounds like you confused a churn card with an actual business account. If you can make a business case for keeping the Amex, then keep it. If not, dump it.

    I’ve had a biz Amex charge card for 20 years and the npsl feature comes in handy several times per year. Instead of paying way more to maintain a line of credit with a bank, I break out the Amex. Even at $175 (up from $75) it’s a useful tool.

    If, on the other hand, the card was simply a means to 75k MR points, you should dump it. Regardless of how much “work” it is to change card details with a handful of automated billers, you should not pay an extra $175 for points you already have!

    • Yep, exactly. But it is a new thought process for me to not rely on regular spend to achieve a churning goal.. this is particularly true of business expenses (personal ones I tend to blast out on day 1). As my business expenses can cover a minimum spend over the 3 month period it is tempting to use a new card for that, and not think of the future impact.

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