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  1. Matt – have you checked the surcharges with Korean? When I called a few months ago to ask, they were going to pass on over $800 in fuel surcharges for Delta metal flights to Europe in J. And yes, that’s per ticket! It pretty much matched the YR per ITA Matrix fare.

  2. Good luck using the AA miles to or from Europe in the next 11 months. With the looming devaluation people are booking these award seats hard. You should find availability from or to London in economy with the stupid high taxes from there though. Just try to avoid the “3rd rail” BA metal flights.

  3. This is one of those situations in which you say ‘measure twice, cut once’ once in your head, twice in your blog post.

  4. I don’t mind the fuel charges in Virgin Atlantic, direct from Miami to London, nice planes > $250 charges, easy to obtain miles.

    Barcelona / Madrid award space (direct) is usually pretty open through Miami on American and Iberia.

    • I tried, but my trip is a bit sparse… We flew IB J to MAD as the kiddos first flight and loved it. Finding 3 seats is a pita for beginning of April though..

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