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  1. Great post! Sometimes instead of walking or driving to wherever (OfficeMax most recently) I will call them and get someone to check if they have the $500 VGCs or $200 or whatever I am looking for in stock. Saves me a lot of time.

  2. Never understood your fixation on time value. If you make more money by doing something else then do something else.

    During the 1½ years I’ve been doing this hobby, I’ve stood before an empty GC rack like two or maybe three times. Of course I’ve run into the odd “sorry no GC load” issue a few times but this has become less of a problem recently since Target took itself out of the equation. Walmart seems to work a lot better in my area.

    I’m among the group of folks who got nothing else to do in the afternoons and weekends – usually home @ 4pm – and it’s way better than watching stupid talk shows anyway. All told my cost is usually zero since I don’t use the car for my rounds. Spending some 30 minutes out in the fresh air on my bike ~4 times a week is a charm and I even get paid for it, quite nicely. Making a couple hundred bucks a months for a total effort of 10 hours… Well, let’s say it’s quite around the same hourly rate I make at work.

    • Maybe the part about ‘I’ve got nothing else to do’ is the answer to my fixation on time value? I’m of the camp that there is always more to do, and we often don’t recognize that, or give things the time they deserve.

  3. This is exactly correct. I’m fortunate that both the source and liquidation site are on my way home, and that I know everyone at the counter, so walking out with 2 or sometimes (on a good day) 3 money orders is humanly possible…..great post!

  4. I enjoy your blog and respect your time value. We are all in different phases. When I had 3 teenagers at home and a 50 hour a week job, I would’ve high-fived everything you said. But now, retired, I find it fun to do a “points run” or “money run.” DH and I make a day of it with lunch and giving Costco their requisite $100 whether we need anything or not. Different strokes for different folks. Your math is excellent for those who may not realize they are relinquishing the “Now” with their families for the future.

    • Yep, I do think more about my own situation, and like to shout at people in my age group or younger. If you’ve got it all covered, then it’s a totally different story.

  5. So let me rephrase my question: as a new reader of your blog who is intrigued by your unique viewpoint, how would you (without outing any current deals) suggest I go about learning how to ms in my pj’s?

    • You’d have to think about the many types of deals that can happen, such as bank accounts, ordering gift cards, etc on the load side, and how to unload, what channels accept an unload online or over the phone? Can you pay a credit card with a debit card? What is a debit card? Etc

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