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Verizon FIOS - Deals for Existing Customers?

Discussion in 'M.S.R.P' started by InstinctX, Feb 11, 2015.

  1. InstinctX

    InstinctX Level 2 Member

    Almost everyone and their mother seems to have Verizon FIOS...yet they keep offering deals for new subscribers. My 2 year contract has expired and my bill jumped $25!!! When I go online, I see several "special deals" but they're not really spectacular.

    I need to have Triple Play (landline for clearer calls because I WFH often)...but has anyone been able to negotiate better rates by calling in? I've heard that threatening to jump to a competitor doesn't work. (Unfortunately FIOS offers the best and most reliable internet connection ... only other option is Comcast / Xfinity).
  2. Sesq

    Sesq Level 2 Member

    Got a spouse? Cancel and sign him/her up as a new customer? I have seen some mention this works though I haven't tried it (yet?).
  3. TheAmericanTravelProject

    TheAmericanTravelProject Level 2 Member

    Don't know if we are in the same area, but our only choices are Verizon and Comcast as well. We HATE Comcast. We've played the switching back and forth game between the 2 trying to get better rates, but are always desperate to get back to Fios. We've also tried Direct TV, but it wasn't for us. We need good internet speed and my husband needs sports. We also need landline phone.

    As far as the contract, you could call and ask for them to honor your original price. Sometimes it does work just to beg:)
  4. Zooter

    Zooter Level 2 Member Premium Supporter

    1. Check to see if your employer or a relative's employer offers a discount here:

    2. See if a FIOS double-play + Vonage is cheaper than a FIOS triple-play. Vonage is cheap for the first year and then there are retention deals to play with after that. (Even if it wasn't, Vonage is worth it for me due to the voicemail transcriptions by email since we always forget to check home voice mail but check email all the time)

    3. Look for cheap packages with internet+local-only channels. Most of my family's viewing is Netflix and Amazon Prime. FIOS has a special package where you can get internet+local+either HBO or Showtime for a low price.
  5. InstinctX

    InstinctX Level 2 Member

    What is call quality like? We prefer having landline because we need the calls to be clear.
  6. Zooter

    Zooter Level 2 Member Premium Supporter

    I've been happy with it.
  7. Vince

    Vince Level 2 Member

    I can't explain how much I hate Comcast and wish I had the ability to get fios. My city only has Comcast it is awful tried to advocate to get fios but there not currently building out which is terrible. Fiber optic Internet is the only way to go. I wish I could figure out a plan to build me fios for my house.
  8. InstinctX

    InstinctX Level 2 Member

    Called to cancel service today; agent started to process my request -- which had me worried they were going to just hit submit... but then agent called my bluff. I said I had better Comcast offer and they had 30 day guarantee period. At that point, agent then wore his "retention" hat. He said he could sign me up as a "new" customer, offer same type of offers like $350 prepaid Visa ... bundled discounting with 2 year contract ...

    He needed to submit a request to cancel my existing service.
  9. Vince

    Vince Level 2 Member

    See in my town there is only one option which is comcast. I wish I was lucky enough to have Google fiber!!
  10. GettingReady

    GettingReady Level 2 Member

    I recently called Verizon Fios as some of our discounts were ending and our contract was up. We had been looking at Dish. The rentention person gave me the spiel on why Fios is better, but asked what price we were looking for. We had triple play, and I said I wanted to keep our bill under $100. They dropped it to $89, no contract.

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