Swipe Reloading In Stores

Oftentimes, reloading prepaid cards in stores can be a pain because of the daily limits.

Walmart teamed up with several prepaid reload networks to introduce “Rapid Reload” where reloading a card would cost as much as $3.74.

Walmart Rapid Reload

Supported Cards:

24/7 Card Control Card [email protected] Red de la Gente ReadyCARD PayPass Prepaid
AARP Direct Pay Vault Liberty Tax ReadyCARD Prepaid
Acacia Energy Direct Vision Prepaid Lyfe READYDebit Payroll Plus
AccountNow Prepaid Cards Dollar Bank Mango READYDebit Prepaid
Ace Elite E1 Prepaid Instant Issue Metro PCS Prepaid Card ReadyFinancial
Achieve Card E1 Prepaid Personalized Mio Prepaid Cards RushCard Prepaid Cards
ADP TotalPay® Card First Bank & Trust Momentum Salt Lake Community College – OneCard
Advance America Visa First Premier Money Clip SecurePay Solutions
Alcorn State University – Gold Card Georgia Southwest State – Canes Card Money Network® Card SilverCard Prepaid
America’s Card Prepaid Georgia State University – Panther Card Mosaic Card SizzleMoney
Assist Wireless Get It Prepaid Card mPowerCard Slippery Rock
AutoMarket Solutions Green Dot Prepaid Cards MyPlash Reloadable Prepaid SUMA
Axcess Financial H&R Block Emerald Prepaid MyVanilla Tandem Money Card
Bainbridge College – CanesCard HEB Prepaid Visa NetSpend Premier MasterCard TAP ReadyCARD
Bank Freedom Payroll IMF Prepaid NetSpend Premier Visa TIMA
Bank Freedom Prepaid Imperial Monthly Fee OmniCard Prepaid Treo Flag Card
Brilliant Imperial Pay As You Go One Central Source Union Plus Prepaid
BSP Rewards Load and Spend InFusion Prepaid OneWest MAGIC UPside
BuyRIGHT Prepaid Insight Card Prepaid OneWest Prepaid Upside 18
CardFlex General Purpose iPower Prepaid Ovation Cash Urban Outfitters Payroll Card
CardFlex Payroll ITS Payroll PaycardUSA Prepaid UT Tyler – P2 Card
Carver Cash Access Johnson & Wales – Source Card Payless Power Vision Premier Prepaid
Clark Atlanta University – Panther Paw Card Jones County Junior College – OneCard PayPal MasterCard Vision Select Prepaid
Clickpay Jump Prepaid Plata Mundial/Global Platinum VistaMoney Prepaid
Coastal College of Georgia – Mariner Access Card Kinecta Access Card PLS Prepaid Visa Walmart MoneyCards
Continental Check Casher Kmart – Halogen Reach Card Prepaid WorldStrides Teen Prepaid

I bolded Green Dot Prepaid Cards because GoBank is part of that category and the best news, is going to Walmart is free.

Deposit Cash Into GoBank At Walmart With Rapid Reload

It is bad news that one can no longer load GoBank online anymore. However, free swipe reloads are a good thing if you live near a Walmart and have the American Express Bluebird as you can then load both cards in one trip for free. I am eagerly awaiting for other stores to do free swipe reloads besides Walmart as there is none in New York City.

I have also bolded the MyVanilla because you could load $500 on the card every day. If the fee is $3.74 it would be cheaper than buying Vanilla Reloads. This is assuming you are able to buy the Visa/Mastercards free/discounted like I have been able to do.

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  • Could you tell us how you are able to get Visa/MC for free or discounted?

    • There’s two methods that I do to buy them discounted. One way that I can publicly share is to buy them from a consignment shop. The other way I won’t be able to share.

      The shop that I buy the gift cards from have $100 gift card mall cards for $95. I avoid paying the activation fee as well as receive a 5% discount.

      • Thanks. Do consignment shops sell visa? Very interesting.

        Would you share the other method privately?

        • You have to be lucky to find a consignment shop that sells gift cards. I just ran into them when I received an email from them after purchasing a gift card through them over eBay.

          As for the second question, at this time no, I would not share it privately as I would work towards posting it publicly.

      • Will it be cheaper just use visa/mc GC straighter for MO, instead of loading to another prepaid card for a fee (there isn’t that many free loading prepaid card)? So if you can buy visa/mc GC for free then you can say that you have a gold mine for miles and points without depending on any type of prepaid cards, is that correct?

  • Thanks for sharing this interesting post.

  • Do you know(or have you tested)which of the above prepaid reloadable cards are free to be reload at walmart?(we know that blue bird, gobank and Green Dot don’t charge the $3.74 loading fee)

    • Sorry, I don’t. I only have a very limited number of cards on that list (Bluebird, Paypal, and My Vanilla), but I have not tried Paypal or My Vanilla Debit. I don’t go to Walmart too often as there aren’t any stores in NYC.


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